Newman Mechanical has extensive servicing experience on a wide range of cars, vans, utes and 4wd to competently perform a thorough and professional service on any vehicle that comes into our Geebung workshop.

Vehicle servicing by a qualified mechanic is crucial to the vehicle’s safety and overall running condition. No matter the make or model, your vehicle should be serviced regularly and ideally by the same mechanic to build a reliable service history, prevent costly damages from occurring, and ensure the vehicle’s optimum performance. 

We have the expertise to service diesel, petrol, LPG, and hybrid/electric vehicles, so call Newman Mechanical Now!

What is servicing?

Servicing is an overall assessment to inspect, maintain, change and repair, allowing the vehicle to run efficiently and effectively. Servicing should be performed regularly and scheduled to time lapsed or kilometres accumulated, e.g. every six months or 10,000kms, or at the mechanic’s discretion.

Servicing can involve basic checks and observations, such as light function, fluid levels, and tyre tread, to milestone jobs like belt, filter, fluid and battery changes. A service can also identify defects that can be rectified before they cause further damage to the vehicle or compromise vehicle safety.

Benefits of servicing

A vehicle’s overall condition is critical to the safety of the driver and passengers within the vehicle. Newman Mechanical servicing ensures key safety elements such as steering and braking are functioning and effective to provide a safe vehicle for our customers and their families.

Servicing keeps a vehicle running healthier and enhances the chances of an extended vehicle life span. A Newman Mechanical service keeps your vehicle sound and identifies any issues that may have arisen over the years of use.

When a vehicle is serviced correctly, it will run more efficiently. This puts less stress on a vehicle’s components and parts and can also lead to better fuel efficiency. Newman Mechanical will produce a superior running efficiency, saving your vehicle from unnecessary strain and putting fuel money back in your pocket.

Vehicle neglect can lead to costly repairs that could have been avoided. Servicing is essentially a form of preventative maintenance to routinely replace critical parts, change contaminated fluids and undertake vehicle assessments rather than waiting for more extensive problems to occur. Newman Mechanical will keep on top of all your servicing needs to avoid expensive breakdowns and costly repairs.

Servicing with Newman Mechanical

Newman Mechanical can perform servicing regularly and professionally on all types of vehicles in Brisbane’s northern suburbs. When we have finished servicing your vehicle, we guarantee it will leave our Dale Street workshop in its optimum condition.

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