All vehicles will eventually have a fault that needs repairing by a qualified mechanic. For example, repairs may be necessary due to general wear and tear, a defective automotive part or vehicle misuse. Whatever the reason, Newman Mechanical can assist with your vehicle repair needs.

Neman Mechanical has the extensive automotive experience, allowing us to carry out repairs on all vehicles that come into our Dale Street workshop. No matter the make or model, we will diagnose the vehicle’s fault and implement a mechanical solution to repair the vehicle professionally and efficiently.

What is fleet servicing?


Brakes are a critical safety feature in a vehicle. So when a brake problem arises, it needs to be repaired immediately and professionally to maintain the vehicle’s safety. 

From brake pad and rotor replacements, disc machining and hose changeouts, Newman Mechanical will repair your brakes to ensure your vehicle can return safely on the road.


If your clutch is compromised, then so too is your ability to drive your vehicle effectively. For example, a snapped cable or fluid leak will prevent gears from being changed and, if ignored, can cause gearbox damage.

Newman Mechanical can repair cables and cylinders, carry out a service and have your vehicle driving smoother than ever before.


A vehicle engine is versatile and robust; however, it is often under heavy loads for long periods. This can lead to many issues such as overheating, leakages, power loss and misfiring, which need to be repaired. 

Whether it’s a spark plug, distributor, gasket, relay, pump or sensor, Newman Mechanical will diagnose the fault and repair it competently.


An exhaust system is critical to a vehicle’s overall performance, and if not functioning correctly, the engine will provide less power. A defective exhaust can also be detrimental to fuel efficiency, release excessive gasses, and run extremely loud. 

Newman Mechanical can repair all exhaust systems no matter the model or make of the vehicle. Once we are done repairing your exhaust, your vehicle will run more efficiently and powerfully.


Suspension systems allow vehicles to absorb bumps and uneven surfaces to maintain tyre to road contact. This provides a safer driving experience with superior stability, control confidence and smooth handling. On the other hand, a flawed suspension system can lead to major mechanical problems, an uncomfortable ride and, most significantly, unpredictable and hazardous handling conditions.

Newman Mechanical has the suspension expertise and equipment to effectively service, repair or replace any suspension system on any vehicle model to provide our customers safe handling and a comfortable drive.

Repairs with Newman Mechanical

Newman Mechanical has vast mechanical experience and a well-equipped Geebung workshop to perform a wide range of repairs on all vehicles that need our repair expertise. 

Contact Newman Mechanical on 07 3265 1415 or at, and we will happily take care of your vehicle repairs.

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