Suspension is a crucial system in any type of vehicle as it allows it to be driven safely by absorbing the road beneath it. It is essential to have a quality suspension system to withstand bumps, potholes and uneven surface, maintaining tyre to road connection continuously.

An excellent suspension system will ensure steering, handling, and stability are optimum to give the driver confidence and supreme control. 

If a suspension system is worn or has a defect, it can lead to many issues. For example, it can add unnecessary stress to other vehicle systems, cause uneven wear on tyres and make for an uncomfortable driving experience. But most importantly, it makes for unsafe and dangerous handling that can increase the risk of an accident.

Newman Mechanical suspension services

Newman Mechanical has immense expertise in vehicle suspension, from cars and wagons to vans and 4WD’s. We understand that every vehicle has a different weight capacity, load points, and under clearance and that suspension systems need to be fitted and maintained accordingly. We have all the necessary equipment in our Delta Street workshop to maintain, repair and replace any suspension system that comes through our doors.

Benefits of a quality suspension system

Accurate wheel alignment

Wheel alignment goes hand in hand with a sound suspension system. If a suspension system is not optimum, then a wheel alignment is not a true representation of correct alignment. A healthy suspension system will ensure an accurate wheel alignment is performed and stays valid for longer.

Newman Mechanical will ensure your suspension system is in order, and we can also perform a wheel alignment in our well-equipped workshop, providing efficient and convenient service.

Consistent braking and handling

raking and handling coincide with a vehicle's connection to the road. A vehicle's suspension enhances tyre friction to the road’s surface and absorbs bumps to ensure continuous contact. This enables consistent braking and handling to provide a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.

Newman Mechanical has the expertise to maintain and repair all suspensions systems on any vehicle model or type to give our customer superior handling and confident braking.

Reducing stress on other systems

A vital role of a suspension system is to minimise impacts, enhance stability and improve handling. However, a flawed suspension system causes unnecessary stress on other systems in a vehicle from CV joint damage and tyre wear from instability, loose hoses and bolts from shocks and premature engine issues from an inefficient operation.

Newman Mechanical will ensure your suspension is in top condition not only to play its crucial part in a vehicle’s handling but also to reduce stress on other systems.

Suspension with Newman Mechanical

Newman Mechanical has all the tools, equipment and expertise to carry our suspension services, repairs and replacements on any vehicle that comes into our Geebung workshop. Contact us today on 07 3265 1415 or at for all your suspension needs. 

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