Classic and High-End Performance

Classic and high-end performance vehicles require mechanical expertise and professionalism to ensure they are maintained and repaired to a high standard. The workmanship needs to be superior, with all work being carried out precisely and carefully.

Newman Mechanical is thrilled when their services are needed to work on a classic car or high-end performance vehicle. After all, we are vehicle enthusiasts, and we respect the passion people have for these unique cars and want to do everything we can to assist them. 

Classic cars

A classic car is often a treasured belonging to the owner, which means they need a mechanic to trust to work on their pride and joy. Newman Mechanical understands this and will treat any classic car that comes into our Dale Street workshop as if it is our own. 

We have the experience and quality to return any classic car to its original condition. If wanted by the owner, we can also add a few subtle improvements without affecting the classic car character. The team at Newman Mechanical honestly believe it is a privilege to work on a classic car and take the responsibility seriously.

Newman Mechanical classic car services

Newman Mechanical understands that classic cars require a lot of time and love to keep them in top condition. We can provide our extensive services to ensure your classic car keeps its identity and runs smoothly. We are equipped to offer servicing and repairs on all classic cars, no matter the model, and we can also undertake complete projects like restorations and rebuilds.

Our classic car services include:

High-end performance vehicles

High-end performance vehicles are an ongoing mechanical project that needs commitment and professionalism to build. Newman Mechanical embraces every opportunity we get to help customers fulfil their high-end performance vehicle dream and the challenges that come with it. 

Newman Mechanical will do all we can to enhance the performance of every part and system within the vehicle. In addition, we will pass on our automotive expertise to ensure our client is best informed of how to improve performance. 

Newman Mechanical high-performance services

Our high-end performance vehicle service is comprehensive. We can provide our expert advice, carry out repairs, perform regular servicing and complete a full custom build. All parts used are from reputable brands and are of the highest quality to ensure peak performance.

Our high-performance services include:

Classic and high-end performance with Newman Mechanical

Newman Mechanical would be privileged to assist you with your classic car and high-performance vehicle needs. Our experience and attention to detail are the best in Brisbane’s northern suburbs, and we believe we can produce the high-quality results these vehicles deserve.

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