Exhaust Systems

Newman Mechanical has many years of experience working on exhaust systems. We can work on the exhaust system of all vehicle models and makes, including 4WD’s. So whether an exhaust needs to be repaired, replaced, or upgraded, we have the qualification and skills to do it safely and competently.

An exhaust system plays a pivotal part in how a vehicle runs and the output of the vehicle’s engine. An exhaust system removes gases and fumes away from the engine, allowing it to breathe easier. When problems occur, the flow is restricted, which can directly affect the power and performance of the vehicle.

Newman Mechanical exhaust system service

Newman Mechanical offers the complete exhaust system service to all our customers, no matter the type or model of vehicle. We have the skills to diagnose exhaust issues and develop the best solutions for our customer’s situations. 

We understand that the best solution will vary greatly between clients, where one client may opt for an upgrade, and another may choose to repair. Either way, Newman Mechanical will ensure your exhaust system is healthy and effective.

Our qualified mechanics can competently undertake exhaust system repairs and replacements from our fully equipped Delta Street workshop. We can also perform exhaust system upgrades to boost a vehicle’s overall performance, including the torque and horsepower output.

Benefits of a healthy exhaust system

A healthy exhaust system means exhaust gases effectively exits the engine, which also suggests air intake into the engine is increased. This will improve engine torque which will lead to improved horsepower output. Newman Mechanical ensures a healthy exhaust system in your vehicle to provide better vehicle performance.

When an exhaust system is functioning at its optimum, the torque of the engine is greater. Greater torque means less acceleration is needed to increase or maintain speed, meaning less fuel is used. Newman Mechanical will ensure your exhaust system is at its optimum to keep fuel money in your pocket.

When an exhaust system has a defect, the noise from your vehicle can be offensive and displeasing. Newman Mechanical will ensure your vehicle hums pleasantly by repairing or replacing a defective exhaust.

If an exhaust system is damaged, it is less fuel-efficient, releasing more harmful gasses into the environment. A healthy exhaust system will have less impact on the environment. Better still, a Newman Mechanical exhaust system upgrade to an exhaust that is more fuel-efficient will reduce the vehicle’s carbon footprint. 

Exhaust system with Newman Mechanical

Newman Mechanical has immense exhaust system experience and confidence to repair, replace and upgrade all vehicle’s exhaust systems that come into our Geebung workshop. So let us take care of your exhaust system needs to provide better vehicle performance. Call us on 07 3265 1415 or email us at info@newmanmechanical.com.au.

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