Log Book & Fleet Servicing

Newman Mechanical has qualified mechanics to perform log book servicing on all vehicles that enter our Delta Street workshop. We have the expertise to carry out log book servicing on petrol, diesel, LPG and electric vehicles safely and competently.

We also offer fleet servicing for businesses with multiple vehicles to ensure all vehicles are serviced per the manufacturer’s requirements and with minimal interruption to the work routine. Our fleet servicing produces a reliable vehicle fleet that is also safe for employees to operate. 

What is a log book service?

A logbook service is done periodically and is usually aligned with the kilometers the vehicle has accumulated. The service is performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

The service information is recorded in the vehicle’s logbook to keep a written record of what service tasks were performed. It also registers when the job was done and the certified mechanic who completed the work. 

The service may include general tasks, such as fluid level inspections or comprehensive jobs like part replacements, depending on the logbook requirements at the particular milestone service.

Fleet servicing is implemented when a business has numerous vehicles in operation that, as a whole, make a fleet. Fleet servicing through the same mechanic helps a business keep on top of the service statuses of all their vehicles.

If fleet servicing is performed correctly, scheduled vehicle services should rarely overlap to minimize the detrimental effect on production. It also ensures that all company vehicles are safe for employees to get behind the wheel.

Benefits of a log book and fleet servicing

Vehicle life span and reliability

A log book and fleet servicing is an excellent way to keep on top of a vehicle’s health to enhance its lifespan and reliability. Newman Mechanical recommends all vehicles follow a service log book and advises that it is never too late to start.

Safe vehicle operation

A log book and fleet servicing list specific tasks for a certified mechanic to undertake to maintain a vehicle’s safety and the safety of those operating it. Newman Mechanical believes a vehicle that follows a log book is essentially safer than if it did not follow a log book.

Future vehicle sale

Not only will an up-to-date log book help influence a buyer of the vehicle’s integrity with evidence of timely services, but it will also help with the vehicle’s valuation. Newman Mechanical will ensure all servicing details are entered clearly and concisely into the log book.

Manufacturer's Warranty

New vehicles under manufacturer's warranty need a log book to prove regularly servicing by a qualified mechanic for the warranty to be valid. Newman Mechanical can ensure a vehicle service log book is current to help with a warranty if a problem arises.

Log book and fleet servicing with Newman Mechanical

Newman Mechanical can carry out log book and fleet servicing to keep your vehicle log book up-to-date and your vehicle fleet operating safely. Contact us today to make a booking on 07 3265 1415 or at info@newmanmechanical.com.au

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