Service and Repair

Newman Mechanical has many years of service and repair experience on a wide range of cars, vans, utes, and 4WD’s to effectively work on all vehicles that enter our Delta Street workshop in Geebung.

Our professional service and repair team have the expertise to service and repair diesel, petrol, LPG and hybrid/electric vehicles.

Newman Mechanical service

A vehicle service involves inspections, preventative maintenance and replacements to ensure a vehicle runs efficiently and effectively. A vehicle should be serviced regularly to avoid problems or roadside breakdowns. A service can also recognise existing defects that can be rectified before the vehicle is damaged further or vehicle safety is compromised.

Benefits of a service

Improved vehicle safety

A Newman Mechanical service ensures that all safety features and systems, such as steering and braking, are operating effectively to provide a safe vehicle for our customers.

Prevent expensive breakdowns

Newman Mechanical will service your vehicle regularly to keep on top of your vehicle’s overall condition to prevent expensive breakdowns and repairs.

Enures vehicle health

A Newman Mechanical service ensures your vehicle is healthy, and we will rectify any issues identified to prevent significant problems occurring and roadside breakdown.

Deliver engine efficiency

A Newman Mechanical service will deliver superior engine efficiency, reducing the stress on your engine and your weekly fuel expenses.

Newman Mechanical repair

Eventually, all vehicles will have a part defect or component fault that needs repairing by a qualified mechanic. Newman Mechanical has extensive vehicle repair experience and knowledge on a wide range of vehicle models and makes, enabling us to perform repairs on all vehicles that come into our Geebung workshop.

Benefits of a repair

Newman Mechanical can replace your brake pads and rotor, machine your brake disc like new and change out any leaking or worn brake lines to ensure your vehicle can return to the road safely and reliably.

Newman Mechanical can repair any clutch defects such as cable breaks and cylinders leaks to have your vehicle engaging and disengaging the gearbox smoother than ever.

Newman Mechanical can diagnose any engine fault that has occurred and implement the best mechanical solution. Whether it’s a spark plug, distributor, gasket, relay, pump, sensor, or one of the many other engine components, we can repair it competently to get your engine running efficiently once again. 

Newman Mechanical has the experience to repair or replace all exhaust systems to improve engine airflow, leading to improved engine power and efficiency.

Newman Mechanical has the suspension expertise and equipment to repair or replace all vehicle suspension systems, providing customers with safe handling and an enhanced driving experience.

Service and repairs with Newman Mechanical

Call Newman Mechanical on 07 3265 1415 or email us at  and let us take care of your service and repair needs today.

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