Brake Service and Clutch Service

The brake and clutch condition in a vehicle directly affect the vehicle’s safety and the driving experience. Brakes are the most critical safety feature in a vehicle, allowing you to slow down and stop effectively. When your brake condition is compromised, so is your ability to avoid hazards and drive with confidence.

Whereas a worn or damaged clutch will restrict you from moving through the gears as you accelerate or decelerate. Poor clutch operation is detrimental to vehicle performance, putting extra stress on other systems in your vehicle, especially the brakes. Newman Mechanical can competently carry out a brake and clutch service to ensure your vehicle is safe and smooth to drive.

Benefits of a brake service

Optimum vehicle safety

There are many benefits of a brake service; however, we should look no further than vehicle safety. A Newman Mechanical brake service will ensure your brakes are reactive and functional, providing a safer drive for you and your passengers.

What is a brake service?

A brake service involves evaluating your brake pad, rotor and disc condition, brake fluid levels and brake line integrity. If our Newman Mechanical deems your brakes are unroadworthy, we will rectify the issues to get your vehicle safely back on the road. 

Brake service should be carried out regularly as a preventative maintenance check to stop a serious accident from occurring due to brake failure. In addition, you should also perform a brake check if abnormal noises and steering wheel shudders occur or before long road trips.

What is clutch services?

A clutch service requires a check of the clutch cylinders to ensure no leaks are present. An inspection of the clutch cable is also necessary, as a damaged or misaligned clutch cable may affect clutch efficiency and potentially lead to a clutch cable break. It is also important to ensure the correct clutch pedal pressure and operation.

Benefits of a clutch service

A clutch service will allow a smoother gear transition, with no forceful changes that could damage the gearbox. Neman Mechanical guarantee your vehicle will be smoother to drive after a clutch service. 

A vehicle will be more fuel-efficient due to a smoother drive and less over-revving from restrictive gear changes. Newman Mechanical wants to keep fuel money in your pocket.

A problematic clutch usually leads to greater dependency on your brakes, especially on steep declines. Newman Mechanical will restore your clutch to its optimum operation, relieving the load on your brakes.

When a clutch is overused, and its operation is compromised, it is put under extra wear and stress, which can cause premature defects. Newman Clutch will ensure your clutch is at its optimum to get the most out of its lifespan.

Brake service and clutch service with Newman Mechanical

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