Cooling System Repairs and Maintenance

The cooling system in a vehicle has a very important job; to prevent the engine from overheating. When an engine uses fuel to create energy, heat is produced, and if it is not cooled down, an engine will overheat. The cooling system’s role is to maintain an adequate running temperature to ensure the engine will continue to run at its optimum.

Newman Mechanical has comprehensive cooling system experience and knowledge. We can perform all cooling system repairs and maintenance professionally from our well-equipped Geebung workshop. If you are in Brisbane’s northern suburbs and require cooling system repairs and maintenance, contact Newman Mechanical today.

Cooling system faults can occur

The continuous need for an engine’s temperature to be controlled means a cooling system constantly operates when a vehicle is turned on. There are also many parts involved to keep the cooling system functioning, such as a radiator, cooling fan, cooling hoses, clamps, thermostats, all of which are vulnerable to damage. Considering that fluids, pressure, steam, heat, and vibrations are ever-present in a cooling system, no surprise faults can occur.

What is cooling system maintenance?

Cooling system maintenance should be performed regularly to prevent major cooling system or engine issues from occurring. Cooling system maintenance can include checks on fluid levels, hose condition and clamp tightness, as well as radiator cleaning and cooling system flushes. 

Newman Mechanical can carry out routine cooling system maintenance checks on all vehicle types to guarantee cooling system integrity and effectiveness. 

What are cooling system repairs?

Cooling system repairs usually involve part reconnection or replacement. Sometimes it is a minor repair like reconnecting a hose; other times, it is a little more involved where a hose needs to be replaced. More comprehensive repairs may include a radiator or cooling fan replacement. 

Newman Mechanical has the workshop facilities to carry out all cooling system repairs and only use parts from trusted brands and reputable dealers.

Benefits of cooling system repairs and maintenance

Promotes engine

When an engine runs hot, it puts an incredible amount of stress on the engine parts. Pressure builds, oil temperature increases, gaskets expands, emissions rise, a whole list of flow-on effects occur. This can be detrimental to an engine’s lifespan. 

Newman Mechanical will repair and maintain your cooling system to complement the running of your engine to prolong the engine’s lifespan.

Prevents unexpected breakdown and expensive cost

Routine cooling system maintenance reduces the risk of unexpected breakdowns due to overheating. An effective cooling system will keep the engine running at an ideal temperature, meaning less chance of a breakdown. 

Newman Mechanical can do all the necessary cooling system maintenance checks to prevent unexpected breakdown and the expensive cost that come with it. 

Cooling system repairs and maintenance with Newman Mechanical

If you need cooling system repairs and maintenance in Brisbane’s northern suburbs, contact Newman Mechanical on 07 3265 1415 or at We have the best cooling system experience in the area and are happy to help cool things down. 

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