Manta Exhaust Systems

When Newman Mechanical upgrades your factory exhaust system to a Manta 4x4 performance exhaust system, the performance improvements are immediate.

An exhaust upgrade is a great way to improve the power and fuel efficiency of your 4×4. Factory exhaust systems often restrict 4×4 performance by not allowing gasses to escape promptly, meaning oxygen cannot enter the engine to create optimum combustion.

An aftermarket exhaust, such as the Manta 4×4 performance exhaust, enables superior airflow, allowing your engine to breathe. The quality difference is also apparent, with mandrel curved bends, larger diameter pipework and excellent construction. 

Australian owned Manta exhaust systems

Manta is an Australian premiere performance exhaust manufacturer that has the most extensive exhaust range in the country. Operating for over 40 years, Manta delivers world-class exhaust systems that withstand severe conditions and harsh terrain that goes hand in hand with four-wheel driving in Australia.

Manta is Australia’s leading performance exhaust manufacturer and wholesaler, supplying high-quality exhausts across Australia and the world. Their 4WD exhaust range covers vehicles from the 1970s to the present day and any make or model.

Newman Mechanical only uses reputable brands in its Dale Street workshop and is confident that Manta 4×4 performance exhaust systems are the best in the business.

Benefits of a Manta 4x4 performance exhaust system

Many people think that performance upgrades are purely for more power and grunt. That is not always true, and sometimes you can have the best of both worlds. A Manta 4×4 performance exhaust allows an engine to run productively, meaning economical combustion. Essentially, a 4×4 engine with a Manta exhaust will require less fuel to provide equal, if not more, power.

Manta 4×4 performance exhaust systems are durable to withstand harsh Australian conditions and the rigour of four-wheel driving. They have heavy-duty brackets and laser-cut flanges to help with easy and secure fitting. The robust design is made for longevity, with Manta’s 10-year warranty on stainless steel exhaust systems reinforcing this.

Many exhaust manufacturers press bend their pipework which can pinch and crush the outer wall. In contrast, Manta only mandrel bends their exhaust pipework to ensure the exhaust diameter is not compromised. This allows for superior airflow, which is the most significant aspect of an exhaust system.

Manta 4×4 performance exhaust systems are built to allow high airflow. With gases escaping quicker and air entering sooner, significant power gains are immediately evident. Manta estimates that an exhaust upgrade from a factory to a Manta variety could increase power by 15%.

Sure it’s not performance effective, but who doesn’t want a nice sounding exhaust. The Manta growl is distinctive.

Manta exhaust systems with Newman Mechanical

Newman Mechanical has many years of experience installing Manta 4×4 performance exhaust systems. Let us take care of your Manta exhaust system upgrade to improve your 4WD performance. Call 07 3265 1415 or email today. 

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